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Our Services

Powder Coating

  • Parts are processed in our On line conveyorised oven, capable of handling parts up to 6m long
  • High volume of parts
  • Off line box oven for parts up to 4m x 3m x 2.1m
  • Capable of handling parts made from many different materials, including most metals
  • A wide range of textures available

Wet Painting

  • This process avoids the heat required for powder coating (210 deg. C).
  • Parts up to 6 metres are sprayed in our modern booth prior to drying
  • Our Spray Bake oven (4.6m x 3.7m x 2m high) provides an enclosed and clean environment for the highest quality of work with curing controlled up to 50 deg. C
  • Suitable for refurbishment of items and fitted parts such as bearings etc
  • We use a variety of paints including water and solvent based, 2 pack and Duasolid
  • Very large items can be processed in our works unit which measures 12m x 10m

Delivery & Collection
  • We can arrange the collection and delivery of your parts.
  • We operate commercial vehicles catering for loads up to 1.5 tonnes and up to 5.5 metres long.
  • We can arrange third party transport to collect larger loads
  • Our forklift handling is a maximum of 1.4 tonnes

Prior to coating we will discuss with you all aspects of the work, including colour, texture, process and any surface preparation that may be needed. This can include various blasting options and protection of threads and surfaces

We provide specific solutions for every customer.